Explainer: Why Home Replacement Cost Estimates Matter

Up to eight in 10 homeowners are underinsured. It's a problem the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) is hoping to solve. It's lobbying for the insurance industry to compel residential property owners to have a professional replacement and assessment report before they can be insured. What do quantity surveyors do? Quantity surveyors are degree-qualified to advise on construction [...]

What You Need To Know About the Claims Process

No business wants nasty surprises. So, when an adverse incident means you need to claim on your insurance policy, we will manage the process on your behalf. Our expertise will help save you time, money, and stress. In fact, a Deloitte report found brokers/advisers save their clients on average 11 hours a year, not just with faster [...]

Is Your Business Across Its Employment Practices Liability?

Employment practices’ liabilities can be expensive, disruptive, and time-hungry to businesses. Claims are also rising. That’s because employment laws and regulations are complex and often change, so businesses can struggle to stay compliant. To help, we’ve compiled an update on the risks to your balance sheet and how to manage your practices more effectively. The risks of your [...]

How a Business Continuity Plan Can Help Protect Your Firm

Why Your Business Needs a Plan: The Importance of Continuity in 2022 If some of the more popular buzzwords of the past two years were "flexible work" and "hybrid business", 2022's might be more along the lines of consistency and continuity. Going into a third year of upheaval isn't appealing and so smart businesses are creating plans to [...]

About To Sign a Commercial Lease? Check Out These Tips

Landlords' offers of rent reductions, rent-free periods, or fit-out contributions are handy sweeteners for SMEs looking to sign commercial leases. But these may be waning, with SMEs looking to lease 300sqm the lease most in demand across many sectors. Ensure your business follows these due diligence tips before signing a lease in this fluid environment. [...]

Not the Same: Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Understanding the difference between an independent contractor and an employee is a problematic area of employment and related laws. The official business.gov.au website defines independent contractors as their own bosses, so they work for themselves. Meanwhile, employees work in your business, and you pay them a wage and control how, where and when they do [...]

The Importance of Updating Your Business Insurance

Your business and the conditions in which it operates are dynamic, so it's important to review and update your insurance regularly. Ensuring that you have the right type and level of insurance cover for your business needs as they evolve, means appropriate financial protection against potential losses and greater peace of mind in a claim. [...]

5 Important Facts About Professional Indemnity Cover

There's much more to professional indemnity insurance (PI) than meets the eye. This type of insurance helps cover the cost of legal action for losses others experience resulting from your services including professional advice. For example, it could cover contract breaches, such as: Not achieving the results of a contract (completing a report on time) [...]

Have you got the right cover to match your business growth?

Businesses are constantly changing and growing, so if your business is enjoying a growth spurt, congratulations. But a changing business climate often means new insurance requirements. Here’s what you need to do about your insurance cover to ensure your business has adequate ongoing protection. This will help reduce your risks of being over or underinsured. [...]

Why manufacturers need to do more about cybersecurity

Digital transformation through artificial intelligence, automation, data analytics, and cutting-edge technologies are helping shift Australian manufacturers into the fourth industrial revolution. But the benefits of advanced manufacturing come with more significant risks. Why is manufacturing at risk? Perhaps the biggest issue is that manufacturing companies don't consider themselves at risk of a cyberattack, says cybersecurity [...]