Small business insurance 101: things you need to know

Insurance can seem like a complex area, which is why it’s so important to understand the basics. Here, we explore some of the fundamental concepts that underpin most business insurance policies. An insurance policy has [...]

5 tech-savvy ways to prevent tools being stolen

Visit any worksite and at least one tradie will be able to regale a yarn of a time they had their tools nicked from the back of the ute, swiped on-site or mistakenly carried off [...]

Mitigating COVID-19 risks when returning to the workplace

Research by professional services firm PwC shows many businesses are gearing up to support staff towards a partial or full return to the office. But how people work will now be very different. According to [...]

Product Liability Insurance – What you need to know.

As many small businesses alter their products and services during the pandemic; it is important to ensure adequate insurance coverage. Product liability insurance can provide protection for property damage or personal injury claims arising out [...]

What does landlord insurance cover?

Imagine investing in a house or an apartment, only to find your tenant only pays the bond and a few weeks rent. This was the case with a couple of ‘toxic tenants’ from Western Australia, with a [...]

Why your business needs cyber insurance

Many SME owners believe that they don’t have to worry too much about cyber crime. After all, why would Internet villains bother with small fry when they could go after heavy hitters such as Yahoo, eBay [...]

Risk mitigation with surveillance devices: insurance impacts

Almost every day, news sites run stories about thieves who have been caught thanks to security cameras. Over the past year alone, bandits have been captured stealing Lego from retailers across Sydney, Halloween decorations in Adelaide and even baby formula. [...]

Is your business fire safe?

Even though bushfire season has passed for this year, this risk is only one of a host of different sources of fire. Arson is often the cause of fire and poor maintenance standards are another [...]

How to prepare for unexpected risks: A business survival guide

Most small business owners are born optimists. After all, why take the plunge unless you’re confident you can stay afloat? But positive thinking can only take you so far. To succeed in business and stay [...]

How to minimise the six major risks retailers face

Retailers are the life blood of the local economy, contributing around $262 billion to local GDP figures each year. Given how important retailers are to the health of the Australian economy, this means it’s essential for retailers [...]

Record keeping in managing slip and trip risk goes digital

Almost every business is exposed to potential slip and trip risks – no matter if you’re running a café, bookshop or a busy licensed establishment. With the pending lift of the controversial Sydney lockout laws, late [...]

The insurance implications of working from home

Australians are increasingly working from home, with the most recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicating at least a third of us choose to work from home at least part of the time. [...]